I wanted to rise

So I thought about rising

I planned about rising

I packed all the tools I thought I needed

in order to rise.


And so I became heavy.

I became heavy with my dreams

And anxieties.

My bags were loaded with aspirations

And worries.

I was so burdened by the pressure of rising

That when I tried to move, I was stuck.


“I have to be perfect when I start,” I said

“I must have all the answers before I’m ready,” I reasoned

And so packed more stuff into me that I thought

would make me perfect and ready before I began.

But the hands of the clock went round and round

The sands in the hourglass were emptied and filled over and over again

The passage of season felt like the passage of wind

And I was still stuck..


My dreams of rising turned to nightmares

My daydreams started to haunt me

And then one day I realized…

That to rise, one has to be light.


A bird flies, a person climbs a mountain

A gymnast pulls herself up in the air and

A runner runs faster than the pace of his breath

Only when they are light…




Sun will rise again

Emperors may fall

And buildings may crumble

But the sun will rise again…

A breathing soul may be bereft of breath

A living dream may slowly reach its death

But the sun will rise again…