The more I chase my dreams
The farther it gets away
Leaving inside me
a sense of emptiness.

But as I step outside
The bright sun rays warm me,
The cool breeze caresses my skin,
A stranger smiles at me.
They don’t care,
If I’m devoid of my dreams.
I am just a soul
that has the gift of life.

So in this moment
As I breathe out and breathe in
I realize that I’m complete
even without my dreams.
If I am not,
then probably I don’t deserve
those dreams
without which I feel incomplete.


To dance and to bloom

When the winds blew,

the leaves and the shoots didn’t worry.

In fact, they created a rhythm and

danced with the wind.

The ones who were blown away or


The next season they

came to bloom again.

They had not forgotten

how to dance.