Use the energy of anger

To create,

Not to break.


Sense of wonder

Where was my sense of wonder lost?

In plans, pleasing and priorities.

In a sudden moment I see the trees dancing gracefully in the breeze

And feel a sense of joy return to my weary heart.

I remember that sense of wonder again.


I have 100 flaws.

I have made 1000 mistakes

and continue to make more.

I don’t fit in a box

of someone’s choosing.

But I’ll be okay.

I wouldn’t be here

if I served no purpose.

Life is a miracle and

miracles are no mistakes.


Inside of you build a sanctuary

Of comfort and joy

Let this be your place of rest and reflection

A place of inner peace and guiding light

A place where there are no judgments

And you have the freedom to embrace your true spirit

Around the sanctuary build a fence

Through which no one else but you can enter.


Sometimes you don’t ask

Or speak

But in silence you seek

Some kind words for yourself

From the world around you.

And when those kind words

Don’t arrive

You have a choice

To either believe yourself as being

Undeserving and worthless

Or show some of your own kindness

To yourself.


The more I chase my dreams
The farther it gets away
Leaving inside me
a sense of emptiness.

But as I step outside
The bright sun rays warm me,
The cool breeze caresses my skin,
A stranger smiles at me.
They don’t care,
If I’m devoid of my dreams.
I am just a soul
that has the gift of life.

So in this moment
As I breathe out and breathe in
I realize that I’m complete
even without my dreams.
If I am not,
then probably I don’t deserve
those dreams
without which I feel incomplete.